Friday, February 24, 2012

The Amor, The Better!

Things have been pretty quiet around here, I've been doing lots of painting stuff, lots of journal writing, and watching lots of Wicked Attraction while painting (Oh my gosh, I love that show... is that weird?... guess it has something to do with my interest in Psychology). 

And today we have a Tornado Watch... seriously!  It's weird that two weekends ago we had snowfall and this weekend it's 74 degrees and stormy.

But the storm clouds are beautiful... I love taking pictures of the storm clouds.  Not because I'm a faux-tographer (like those people who think that just because they own a camera, suddenly they are Photographers). 

It's just that I used to be obsessed with the movie Twister when I was younger and wanted to be a storm chaser.  

Moo!  I miss watching that dumpster. :P

Anyways, when I was browsing for my hallway art I came across this cute picture in my Psychology Today.

I thought it was great inspiration for my own little art piece.  I always have a spare canvas around so... why not?

So I drew it out...

Then used a Krylon Gold Leaf pen to trace and fill in the words and arrow.  Then I very carefully painted two coats on the canvas to cover any white spots. 

Then for an added touch, I thought I'd add some thumbtacks around the edges to make it look like a nail-head trim.

They were easy enough to push into the canvas frame with my fingers but, if you don't want your fingers to be sore by the time you're finished (or you have a huge canvas), a hammer would help greatly and left no noticeable marks on the tacks. 

Though, this happened a few times and I had to go to the store and pick up more tacks before I could finish the job...


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