Thursday, February 2, 2012

Baking Fail: Eggless Brownies

Today is grocery day but we didn't buy groceries today because we walked into Walmart and took one look at the lines and left.  I just couldn't deal with spending my entire night in line at the grocery store when I can live for a few more days at home with the stuff I've already got.

As a result though, I had no eggs and a brownie craving.  I quickly Googled some eggless brownie recipes and found one that had instant coffee in it and thought that would work.

Now... I'm not going to link to the recipe because it wouldn't be cool to link to someone's recipe when I think it is, in fact, terrible.  Like, so terrible I'm going to throw out these brownies and not bat an eye.   So terrible that Russ even says they were bad and he doesn't complain about anything. 

But, I have to chronicle the failures as well as the victories so... here goes.

Made my buttermilk with vinegar and milk...

Dissolved my instant coffee...

These look good but... oh wow... they were the absolute worst.  And I'm upset that I wasted any calories on these babies. 

Now I'm off to delete my browser history and to toss these out in the garbage where they belong. 

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