Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The Besta of the Resta

For a while now Mom has been looking for a replacement TV media stand ever since I initially messed up the drawers on her old one. :-/ I'm usually so good at assembly but those drawers confused the hell out of me! As a result of repeated attempts to fix my mistake and shoddy construction, the stand drawers were beyond repair.

Enter: Ikea. Of course. On our last trip we went through the TV and media stand section extensively measuring and figuring out what would best fit in the space. We'd looked at the ones online and nothing really grabbed us. But what I didn't know was that they sometimes have custom models on the floor with parts that they assemble together to create a new unit.

For around $100, we saw one that would work and looked pretty cool. It was made up of multiple parts (which scared me because finding stuff in that huge warehouse at the end can be tedious and it's easy to forget a part!).

This unit was part of the Besta series; gotta love those Swedish names! 


I couldn't find the cabinet door on their website but if you are in the showroom and want to make sure you have all the pieces, you can ask an employee and they'll print out a parts list for you.

I think it turned out great. I love the dvd divider because it keeps everything in line. The door gives easy access to the XBOX and then you can just shut the door and hide it. It wasn't too bad to put together and on the Ikea Assembly Difficulty Scale of 1-10 that I just made up, I'd give it a 6 (just because I had to figure out how to put the drawers in and the cabinet doors myself with no directions provided).

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