Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Another Obstacle Down!

Yesterday we drove down to Auburn to finally pick up our truck that has now passed Washington Labor & Industries! :D Another obstacle we've overcome, a huuuuge obstacle! For the past couple weeks we've had our electrical and plumbing completely redone. 

We had the mirror above the sinks taken out, what was begun of the hood and counter (for a cooking area) removed, bakery racks and cabinets installed, the fridge and our new freezer mounted to the floor and wall for stability. 

We also got this sweet jump seat installed so a passenger doesn't have to roll around on the floor or hang on for dear life. Its got a cross-body seatbelt that's mounted to the wall as well. 

We are planning on painting some of the inside and the cabinets to make it look a little more inviting and homey. This truck is all about making everything look amazing, inside and out. Next stop painting and decals! Then commercial kitchen. Then health department... and so on and so on. 

The list never ends!

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