Monday, October 14, 2013

I Could Practically Live Here

There's this segment on a popular blog called Design Sponge that was called Living In and it was an ongoing post type that revolved around a certain style of a certain movie. It dissects the clothing and sets of a certain movie and they found coordinating products that fit in with the style of that film. Pretty cool. 

Here's some awesome ones: Living In: Cruel Intentions, Living In: That Thing You Do!, Living In: You've Got Mail, Living In: Downton Abbey, Living In: Rear Window, and this one especially Living In: The Secret Garden (I would have jumped into that movie so quickly when I was younger if I could've! Who wouldn't want to live in a huge house with a million rooms and discover strange keys that unlock new places on the grounds and turn it into the most beautiful garden ever? But, I digress.)  

If there's one film that I could jump into and just live there, I'm pretty sure Practical Magic would be at the top of the list. 

Here's one awesome thing: it was filmed on Whidbey Island which is a little ferry ride away across the water! I can go and tour Coupeville where they filmed the town scenes! 


Why would I want to live in this film? Look at that house! The film's setting is what really made me fall in love with it. I love the story too, of course, because it's filled with witches and magic but the setting is just gorgeous. Unfortunately the house pictured above was just a shell for outdoor scenes and was torn down after filming. :( Boo. 

I want to sit at a rustic table outside in my garden in a huge hat!

I think the set designer did a beautiful job of making the interiors look antique, worn, and collected without looking too old or stuffy. It looks very lived-in and comfortable. 

This attic! How cool is this huge attic?!

The kitchen is an ideal blend of clean, white cabinets and tiles and a worn, farmhouse feel. 

I wish this were a real house! It's quite a convincing and elaborate set, isn't it? 

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