Wednesday, October 16, 2013


I can't help it, I just love Target. This season they have some of the cuuuuutest stuff for home right now!

Meet some of the objects of my Target obsession affection: 

Owley, the Owl cookie jar (yes, the name is very original).
And, Mr. Nuts. Yes, if I bought him that would be his name. Because he's a squirrel. Not any other reason.
This platter would be gorgeous for serving your Thanksgiving turkey (though, I don't know if I'll ever be able to do that since Russ hates turkey with the fire of a thousand Suns).
I love all of the colors and designs on these dishes.

If you live somewhere where it gets relatively cold this time of year, this will be the best $35 you will spend. It's warm and soft and amazing. We actually bought this one below for Russ to have on the ship because it's so cold all the time. He loves it.

Mom actually bought these last week and has loved every minute of them. $20 isn't bad for some decent flannel sheets either. 
Pretty much everything I've loved that is pictured here is on sale this week so it's a perfect time to run out and get some comfy bedding and blankets or some pretty serving ware for Thanksgiving!

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