Friday, October 25, 2013

Friday High 5

We had a good week around here! :D

1.) Last night my brother and I went to a Rifftrax Live event (done by the guys who did that show, Mystery Science Theater 3000, that they used to air on the Sci-Fi channel back before it was SyFy). It was hilarious, as usual. It was also interesting to see so many people turn out for the show.

2.) I finally got a Seattle mug to add to my collection. I really need to stop acquiring mugs now, I guess.

3.) Brayt and I carved pumpkins this week! He's never carved a pumpkin and we haven't done one in over ten years! He did a traditional face and I went a little more artistic and went for a Dia De Los Muertos-style sugar skull with rose. 

4.) Today I'm working on an order for Bake My Day: a fun Halloween platter for a party tomorrow! I'm making S'more cookies, pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, red velvet brownies and a few Oreo truffles. Woo hoo! :D

Just lookie at all my supplies!

5.) This week the union that I belong to at work averted a strike of 30,000 Puget Sound employees after negotiating a new contract. The union members still have to vote on the contract and even though I'm a little disappointed not to see a strike in action (is that dumb?), I'm glad a lot of employees won't have to go through hard times with their families while trying to live on strike pay. 

Have an awesome weekend, everyone! :D

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