Friday, October 18, 2013

Friday High 5

1.) Later today we're going to Zombie Paintball Hayride! I hope to take a few pictures and get to share them on here in the coming days.

2.) It's been getting cold and we finally bought a little portable heater that's quite lovely and useful.

3.) As of last night I am now caught up on this season of The Mindy Project. It's easy for me to get behind on shows.

4.) I've finally made myself start reading a book this week- it's Practical Magic by Alice Hoffman (what the movie was based on) and so far I'm completely startled by the differences between the two. 

5.) We finally have all the Bake My Day pictures taken and I can't wait to post them on our Facebook page and website! (And here, of course!) 

Have a great weekend!

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