Friday, October 11, 2013

Friday High 5

1.) Yesterday I received two gold stars at work (which you wear on your name tag) for two separate positive secret shopper reviews. You also get a $5 gift card per positive review which is pretty cool. It's nice to be recognized. 

2.) I actually splurged and bought a cute purse. I haven't really been into purses for a while but I've been loving this Target bag for a while now and just decided to treat myself. I would probably take one in every color. 

Target $34.99
3.) Yay for finally getting the lawn mowed! It's such a weight off my shoulders to get something done I've been putting off forever!

4.) My blogiversary! It's nice to see that I've kept up with something (except as of late) consistently for over two years. 

5.) I read this quote last night and I really like it. It something that truly resonates. 

Happy Weekend, everyone! 

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