Tuesday, September 24, 2013

What's Up?

I was sad to see that I've only posted three times during September! What happened?! 

Well, life gets in the way and work and our business have been keeping me very busy.

1.) The truck we looked at has been sold. We waited too long and didn't pounce so... it's gone.  While I'm disappointed, I kinda feel like if it's something we really wanted we wouldn't have waited.

2.) Russ has left and he'll be gone until the holidays. :( I'm trying to not feel depressed but I'm going to give myself a few days to be in a funk and then hopefully I'll get busy and time will go quickly. 

3.) We've started on some pictures for our website! We've been baking like fiends and trying to make the products look perfect so my brother can capture their delicious-awesomeness on camera. It's going pretty well with the exception that we have a CRAP TON of sweets around the house and seeing them frankly makes me feel ill. 

These are some fabric samples from the shots, cute huh? 

I can't wait to share some beautiful shots of our treats, they're turning out so well! I hope to get the website up and running by October so we can hopefully get a few orders going throughout the holidays before we obtain a truck. 

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