Saturday, August 24, 2013

Rolling Along

Last Wednesday we traveled about an hour North to see an ice cream/concession truck that's for sale. It's a great price with low miles and has a ton of potential. 

I used PicMonkey to put our logo on it to see how it would look. I think the truck would have to be a color though (we're thinking a minty green because there are no mint green trucks in the Seattle food truck fleet). 

It's definitely in our price range and has a lot of renovation potential inside. We need a few more racks for our products and maybe a little counter space. I'd love to put an awning for the windows outside (because it's Seattle, it's going to rain and I would prefer my customers have a dry place to order. 

A few days later I was cruising Craigslist, just curiously searching for food trucks around the country and stumbled upon this thing of beauty. Just a few hours from where I used to live in Virginia! UGH!!

It's not fair! Why can't that truck be least in like California or Idaho or something. So... far... to... drive. We're trying to figure out how much it would cost to ship the thing here. It's a little over our ideal price range but if we could score a deal... it could work too. 

Ideally, I would love to outfit the first truck to look similar to the Virginia truck. It's got a great use of space and it's adorably cheerful inside (even if it's covered in cupcakes).

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