Thursday, August 8, 2013

Flea Bags

How are the flea bags doing?

Well, hopefully better now that I actually got some treatment that is supposed to work.

Here's the thing, everyone, DO NOT buy Hartz flea treatments. A quick Google search will turn up a multitude of horror stories about the affects of Hartz. It boils down to: Hartz is poison. is just one of many sites spanning the web dedicated to bringing about awareness of how dangerous Hartz flea and tick products are to pets. 

I even called our vet to ask them about the best treatments that I could get because I had used Hartz to no avail. They also were very adamant about how awful Hartz is for animals and recommended Frontline or Advantage (which I had already thought of using but wanted some assurance). 

So yeah, I put something horrific on all of our cats. It can cause neurological damage and death. Luckily, they're doing fine and show no signs of any damage.

And, for all the danger the pets are in from the horrific affects of Hartz, it's not even working! Zelda has had it on the longest and she has the most eggs and fleas out of all of them. What a waste of $20 that could have been put toward buying Advantage (4 doses were $62). 

I'm sick of thinking about fleas! I even dreamt about them last night, woke up out of a dream because I felt covered in them and turned on the light to search my bed. Fuuuun. 

You know what's better than fleas??

This picture of a piglet at a miniature table eating ice cream under an umbrella. A-dor-able. You're welcome.

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