Friday, August 23, 2013

Friday High 5

I'm going to try out a new segment here on Apartment To Apartment: Friday Highday. It's basically going to be five highlights from the last week. I've seen quite a few other blogs include some little Friday segment like this and I thought it was a neat idea. We'll see if I can keep it going for more than one week!

1.) Russ will be home this afternoon after being gone underway since Monday! 

2.) I got the opportunity to capture some cute images this week:

3.) I recently discovered how awesome Jack in the Box mocha iced coffee is. Sorry, Starbucks... this wins. 

4.) I finally found a clock that I like for our bedroom. Will I keep it as is or change it? Don't know yet. 

5.) And last, but not least.... I got my tickets to see Alice in Chains in September!!!!!


And it's not going to be at just any old arena... it's going to be at The Gorge which looks like this:


Isn't that breathtaking and amazing?! And I'm going there! How cah-razy is that?!!?

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