Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Offbeat Post: Places I've Been

Every once and a while I like to look back and think about the places I've visited in my life and how lucky I am to have experienced them. 

Since being with Russ I've visited Chicago, Pensacola, Florida, Washington D.C., Virginia Beach, Virginia, Charleston, South Carolina, Charlotte, North Carolina, and Savannah, Georgia. And now, I live minutes from Seattle! I've also gotten to live in four different states and visit both Mexico and Canada. I feel so lucky to have gotten to visit those places when a lot of people have never even stepped outside the state they were born in. 

When I visited Chicago, I was so excited to see Russ graduate from boot camp and get to spend time with him in one of the biggest and most interesting cities in the country. We went to the Navy Pier and the Sears (now Willis) Tower and got to experience The Most Awesome Pizza I Will Ever Eat at Gino's. 

When we moved to Virginia I got to visit the Old South in Georgia and feel the history of D.C. I got to watch the sun rise over the Atlantic Ocean.

And now, I've been to the famous Pike Place Market and the Space Needle more times than I can count. 

It always makes me feel happy and content to reflect on all the places I've been and things I've done, like I'm moving forward rather than just staying stationary. It's like I'm getting new stamps in my passport of life. 

I've got a ton more exploring to do: San Francisco, Portland, Vancouver, and maybe a cruise somewhere are next on my list. What better way to spend life than exploring different places? 

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