Monday, August 12, 2013

When I Go To The Thrift Store

This weekend I went into one antique mall and two thrift stores... and the Seattle Street Food Festival and Pike Place. It was a long day!

Here's the treasures I found:

Who wouldn't want to drink from Buddha's belly? 

P.S. Where do you pour the drink in???

This clown picture will hijack all of your nightmares for the low price of $150.

These figurines were dubbed "noodle cats."

Something I haven't seen at a thrift/antique store yet: Nazi paraphernalia. Creepy yet interesting.

This mirror was pretty cool and would have been lovely painted something more interesting than a blah brown. 

This clock is awesome, isn't it?!

I thought this clock was cute too along with the horseshoes. 

Mom's quote about these shoes, "They're not bad. You know, with the right outfit." There is nothing that could make these shoes look good. These make orthopedic shoes look stylish.

I think everyone needs a two-headed cat figurine, don't you? 

This original watercolor painting called out to me. It's a castle scene and was only $20. Reframed it could have looked even better. 

This item looks like it could have come off the set of Castaway.

This fabulous butler is standing by to help you with all of your fashion choices. 

And lastly, I found these brand new, tags still on, ottomans from Target at the Goodwill. They were only $25 too! I would have bought them but they wouldn't have fit in our couch area and I think Russ thinks ottomans are useless. Oh well, I was still startled to find them!

Thanks for shopping with me! 

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