Friday, September 13, 2013

Friday High 5

1.) On this Friday, I am only $290 away from paying off Zelda's surgery after dedicating every paycheck from my job to paying this off. After scraping by with just the minimum payments for a few months, it's going to be wonderful to have one less bill a month!!

2.) Our beautiful business cards arrived this week!!

3.) We tried out and loved a new recipe that we want to add to Bake My Day: Browned Butter Chocolate Chip Bacon Cookies!

4.) Here's a big one: I FINALLY got my car registered in Washington state after SEVEN weeks of this annoying ordeal! It's such a weight off my shoulders (and a weight off my wallet... $170...) to have this over and done. But seriously, why in the digital age did it take that long for a damn piece of paper!? Whhhhhhhy?! 


First I had to call my bank where we have our loan and request a fax of my title for Washington state. Then, after waiting about two weeks I went to the licensing office here (there's no MVD or DMV... weird, huh?) to have them request it from the bank. After not hearing anything forever I called the bank again who still hadn't received the title from the Commonwealth of Virginia. In short, Virginia basically sent my title with a hitchhiker to the bank in Tennessee because that's how long it took! 

But strangely... I kinda miss my Virginia license plate. I seem to feel nostalgic whenever I sever the final tie with the last place I lived. I like moving on and going different places but for the majority of our married life, we lived there and called it home so it holds a little place in my heart. Oh Virginia! How I hated you when I lived there but now I wish I had gone to the beach more... damn. 
5.) And finally, Russ made it home safely from his little trip underway this week! I'm glad he made it home in time for us to spend the weekend together (except for me having to work Saturday night... boo...). I have to hurry up and feed him lots of good stuff before he has to leave me again... which is soon. :( 

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