Monday, September 9, 2013

\m/ Legen-wait for it-dary Night! \m/

Saturday was our Alice in Chains concert that was held at the most awesome venue I've ever seen, The Gorge. Located in George, Washington (ha that town name makes me laugh), it was about a two and a half hour drive for us. It was also very scenic and Eastern Washington reminded me a lot of Arizona. It almost felt like we entered a worm hole and were suddenly back in the desert or Southern California. Weird. 

The Gorge almost looked like we were at a concert in a mini-Grand Canyon. It's among the top three places in the United States to see a concert and it's not hard to determine why. 



We arrived at around seven and were just in time to see Coheed and Cambria play as the sun was setting. We sat down on a blanket in the grass for their set and most of the next band, Jane's Addiction. During the middle of their performance we knew we would have to head down to get decent spots during the Alice in Chains show which was following. 

Some interesting sights that we witnessed included: 

A guy next to us unsuccessfully hitting on two women who proceeded to sit there awkwardly before leaving him alone on the grass. 

There was a woman carrying a large amount of food who sandwiched a coke bottle between her bulging breasts for easier transport. 

There was also a ton a ton a TON of weed (I am super surprised we weren't all stoned out of our minds from all the second-hand smoke) because 1) it's a concert and 2) it's legal here. 

We saw a lot of drunk and stupid people both young and old. Before the AIC set started two drunk women started brawling right next to me over something stupid and I was pushed, shoved and my foot was stepped on. The big guy next to me restrained one of the women and after unsuccessfully getting her to behave proceeded to yell, "Pass her back!" and the crowd enveloped her and passed her out of the area. Pretty funny. 

During the Alice in Chains show someone threw a blow up doll and she proceeded to crowd surf for most of the show. 

It was definitely an interesting night full of awesome music and some insanely classy people. Yeah, that last part is sarcasm. 

We didn't get home and in bed until 3 am but, it was epic and I will definitely try and see them in concert again!

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