Friday, March 1, 2013

You Have No Power Over Me... Unless You're Some Awesomely Geeky Art

It's March already... I can hardly believe it, can you?! It almost feels like just yesterday we arrived here in Washington and that's already been three months ago! Even though we've been here for a little bit there's still lots of places we've yet to visit. 

This past weekend we went into a toy store that felt like we were walking back through our childhoods again. Toys from the 80's and 90's covered the walls and aisles and they had everything from Legos to Batman to stuffed animals. It was really really cool.

They even had some great original artwork from artists featuring art with comic book themes, superheroes, and movies. 

And then I saw it and freaked out...

They had greeting cards with Sarah and Jareth from one of my favorite childhood movies, Labyrinth. 

*Sigh* I always wanted to wear that huge poofy dress she wore during the masked ball scene. 

But OMG can you imagine how annoying wearing that ball gown contraption would be?!

Anyways, I just couldn't leave without picking these up for $6 each.

I knew the perfect spot for my fun little cards too.

Aren't they awesome? I love the game room because we get to have such fun and interesting things. Nothing too stuffy, grown up or perfect. It's a place we can have things that make us happy and are fun to look at. It's a very comfortable space with lots of nerdy/geeky visual interest. :)

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