Wednesday, February 27, 2013

My Little Piece of the Smithsonian

I love taking things that I've collected from trips or places we've been and displaying them in a way where I can enjoy them everyday. I've been holding onto this agate since I picked it out at the Smithsonian Natural History Museum. 

I've wanted to go there since seeing a picture of the gemstones and minerals exhibit in a textbook as a child and the mineral gift shop was absolutely amazing. I would have brought home one of everything if I could have but I settled on my little purple agate. 

I bought a $2 frame from Ikea, got some glue dots (which are on that little paper), and got a scrap paper to stick the agate to.

I wanted it to look museum-y so I decided to add a little personal touch by printing out where I got the agate and the date.

I don't think the camera captured the pretty purple shade that the agate is- trust me, it's not a brownish looking turd rock, I promise. 

And for now, it's hanging out on my desk. Pretty cute, huh?

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