Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Accidents Will Happen

Accidents will happen when you're living in a house of four pets and one of them seeks food like a bloodhound on a hunting expedition. 

Remember this cute little bowl for holding my bobby pins and such? 

Well, I ordinarily feed Ian and Zelda downstairs and Mickey and Gizmo eat upstairs. I rinsed off a spoon I used for scooping out cat food and quickly just set it on this window sill and went about my business. I was abruptly startled by the sound of something shattering in the bathroom and discovered Mickey fleeing the scene. The bowl was destroyed and I was bitterly angry at him for about a week. It wasn't about the four dollar bowl, it was the fact that he's so food-crazed that he jumped up there for an empty and rinsed off spoon! How dumb!?

So, here's my replacement. I think it's still really cute and it was free because Mom bought a candle that came in this packaging. It's not as easily accessible as my little bowl but it was free so I'll take it. 

I've now learned my lesson about NOT placing anything food related near anything breakable. :/

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