Monday, February 11, 2013

Feeling Clustered

If you've been following this blog for a while you know I have a ton of art. So when it came to hanging stuff up in the game room/rec room, I had plenty to work with. I originally started off with poster sized frames along the wall but I thought it looked too boring and predictable.

This was also before I moved the tv and the sofa to coming out from the corner (which I love so much more) and I wanted the tv area to feel separate from the DVD, game, and book shelves. 

I gathered some things I wanted to hang and just played around with the arrangement until I got this:

I was going to change the "LOVE" picture and other left black frame to more game related things.

I have A TON of leftover packing paper that I thought would work great for making templates. I cut them out and marked on them where the nails would go to make it easier for hanging.

I taped them up, measured and made sure it was perfect. Then, I hammered the nails in.

I ripped down the paper and hung everything up. This method worked so easily!

I painted the Doctor Doom and the octopus picture. The X-Files art was airbrushed by my uncle and nicely gifted to us. :)

And I later painted a little Plants VS Zombies game-related pea shooter (if you haven't played that game, it's a lot of fun) with my watercolor paints.

I still have a few more frames to put some cool stuff in but that's part of the fun. I have to say, the game room is probably the most creative and fun space that I get to decorate. Everything is so interesting and colorful, you can't really make a mistake. 

I added the power button clock and took away a frame or two when I rearranged the furniture. 

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