Thursday, February 21, 2013

Flower Power

Happy Thursday, everyone! I've finally got around to uploading the new pictures of my bathroom art so I can share them on the blog today. 

Remember that cotton towel with the pretty print that I was planning on using in the bathroom? 

I had been searching for some silvery/nickel frames for the fabric for a long time. I didn't want them to look cheapy and I ideally wanted the ones from Ikea but could not rationalize a trip 25 miles away for a couple $2 frames. I found a silver frame and a white frame at Target and was determined to make it work with some existing ones I pulled together. 

I messed around with the arrangements off and on for about a day because I didn't want to nail into the wall without being sure about the placement. 

I finally settled on this and used the paper template technique to hang everything easily. 

I think this space doesn't photograph as well as it looks in real life but I think it turned out nicely. The blue from the curtain is actually a very similar hue to the turquoise in the flower print but it's very hard to tell from the photos and the lighting. 

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