Saturday, March 16, 2013

Awesome Things Of The Week

Here's some awesomeness that happened this week:

1.) Russ came home from eight days of being underway.

Ships from the base parking lot. 

Waiting for Russ while enjoying the view of the Sound. 
2.) I finally cut my hair after nearly two years of growing it and I donated it. I'm loving not having a hair curtain anymore that is hard to care for, hard to style, and serves as a bib whenever I'm eating!

3.) My most incredible thrift store find yet... It was marked $9.99, which was still a deal, but it was 50% off day on select items. My lucky day! Remarkably, it looks brand new with not even a mark on it (which is strange because the jacket is so lightly colored). Love it! 

Yay for new hair and a new jacket!
Happy weekend, everyone!

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