Saturday, March 23, 2013

Decisions, Decisions

I've been debating forever about what I wanted to do with the wall behind my bed. I mean... headboard (and which kind, a lightweight fake one or a full-on tufted plywood headboard), or wallpaper decals, headboard decals, artwork, or curtains??

I was just anxious for our room to feel a little less thrown together and a little more cozy. 

via Better Homes and Gardens
So I dug out my old and lovely $10 Family Dollar mirror from my decor stash in the garage and hung it above the bed and I actually liked it. And my favorite- free. Love, love, love free changes.

Then I took my old curtains from our last bedroom and put it up in place of my drop cloth curtains just to see what a contrasting color curtain would look like. I've been living with it for about two weeks now and I actually love it. It slides more easily than the last curtain but it does need to be hemmed. I haven't decided if I'm going to leave it long, temporarily hem it with some pins, or actually cut and hem them. I'm afraid to hem them for real because I always think about how I'll want to use it in the future and don't want to butcher them too much. 

And I wasn't planning on buying new lamps but I just saw the mercury glass and fell in love. I actually bought the two lamps separately at (the first at Marshall's, second at Home Goods). I wasn't planning on getting two because we normally just use the one nearest to the closet. Buuuut.... they looked so cute together. They're similar and complementary without being matchy-matchy. (Side note: we have one outlet in the entire room. ONE!)

$29.99 at Marshall's

$24.99 at Home Goods
And here's that goofy little weird window in our bedroom. I really wish it emitted more light into the room but I'm glad it's not unfrosted because it is actually a window under the front stairs.

I've got a cute little fake plant from Ikea, a candle holder from World Market and a little tray for jewelry. It's actually a perfect little window sill for sitting things on (and there is not a lot of space in the room). 

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