Friday, March 29, 2013

"Master"ed Bedroom

I use the term "master bedroom" loosely because this room, occupied by my Mom, is quite small for a master bedroom. It has two closets that came without doors (like mine downstairs... where are the doors?!). It's come a long way since we first got here thanks to our wonderful bargain shopping skills. 

I also have a model for the bedroom tour: Gizmo! He settled himself in and didn't mind all the attention.
Malm bedframe- Ikea
Bedding- Walmart, Blanket- Target, Curtains- Fred Meyer
Runner- Fred Meyer, Lamp- Ikea, Malm Nightstand- Ikea

Leaning mirror- Ross, Dresser- Ikea, Picture- already owned, Rug- Walmart 

Love this cayenne-colored dresser!
Key jewelry tray- World Market
There's a spot behind the door for her frequently used iron and ironing board. The all-in-one hanger was very easy to install and was $9 from Bed, Bath and Beyond. 

Here's a cute cross-pawed picture of Gizmo to end the tour! Guess my picture-taking didn't disturb his beauty rest...

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