Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Mint To Be

Today was a big day for us because we finally have our truck painted. It's a beautiful, striking mint green that'll really stands out and looks amazing!

Here's what we started with:

In a couple days we're headed down to our graphics place to get measured for the decals and they'll be put on in a few weeks after the paint fully cures. We are so happy with how beautiful the paint came out and thankful that Randy at Maaco really helped us out selecting the right color (which was nearly a three hour process between finding paint colors, trying to get the right Pantone shade from our graphics company, mixing paint colors to see the correct shade). It was exhausting but in the end I think the result was worth it. 

As a thank you I spent yesterday afternoon and evening making the people at Maaco a lovely dessert platter of Nutella Brownies, Red Velvet Brownies, and Java Chocolate Chip Cookies. They were very appreciative! 

This truck has felt like it has been us fighting against the tide at every turn. Right when we think there will be smooth sailing we get thrown another annoying curveball. I know we're headed in the right direction and that someday (hopefully soon) it'll be worth it.

Update: This was my 400th post! Woo hoo, can you believe it?!

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