Thursday, June 5, 2014

Deployment Thoughts: Nearly Halfway

We are already almost halfway through our first deployment so I thought I'd just take some time and complain just talk about some of the things I've experienced as a Navy wife during this deployment. 

-Anything that can break, will. 

So far on this deployment the shower drain has clogged, the oven heating element has broken and nearly caught fire, the oven handle has fallen completely off, the front tires on the car needed replacing, the rear turn signal bulb burnt out, the XBOX wireless adapter has quit working, the cable box downstairs is unresponsive, the kitchen faucet is now loose, the food truck's seat belt doesn't unwind, the glove box door is broken, and the handle for putting the window down needs replacing. 

-Bad things happen and you have to be prepared to deal with them without your significant other's support. 

Last underway my friend passed and my grandfather passed. That was pretty difficult. On top of everything I couldn't even have Russ there with me, giving me support. I also couldn't even communicate with him regularly either which left me upset.

-Care packages can be expensive to send (but fun also) and frustrating when it takes nearly a month to receive them. 

I bet I spend at least $75 on care package supplies and another $15 in shipping fees. 

-You will stay up waaaaaay later than usual watching Netflix. 

I don't remember a time when I went to bed before 1 am. I consider that turning in early. 

Ian has turned in before I have, as usual. 

-You will tear up at random moments when you think of your significant other.

Sometimes when I'm driving, or writing him an email, looking at the night sky, or I see a rainbow... you know, whenever. 

-You will keep their body wash in the shower just so you can smell it sometimes to make you feel like they're still there. 

T-shirts lose their scent too quickly. It's the only thing I have left now. 

-Communication is key... but frustrating, repetitive, and sometimes not too exciting. 

I love writing Russ emails. I usually write him a long email every night before I turn in at 3 am. Somedays they don't go through, somedays I don't hear from him. And sometimes there's not a whole lot going on in my day. Some days just aren't that exciting, you know? And I know he doesn't get sick of hearing, "I love and miss you and am so proud of you! I can't wait until you're home!" but sometimes as I'm writing it I think, does this sound repetitive? I completely feel those things but written out rather than said just doesn't feel the same. It's hard to convey all the things you're feeling but it's good to try.

I love the few times we can talk on the phone (it's only been three times since March) but when I ask him how he's doing, he says "work and sleep." Which is accurate... and then the conversation gets quiet. So yeah, it's hard to talk about things when they're gone because our worlds are so different right now. I try to make sure he's informed on everything, however minute, to give him something else to think about. 

Another fun thing I like to do are fill out old goofy surveys and send them to him and have him write back his answers. Sometimes it's pretty funny and you can even learn a few things about your spouse that you may not have known before! 

-You can save a ton of money... if you aren't starting a business.

That's where our savings is going right now, sorry honey. :-/

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