Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Because Russ has started his "C" School and needs space and time to study, I offered to move my desk into our bedroom so he can have a special place for studying. While I was in college, having my own space to study and work was invaluable so I knew he could benefit from a workspace. 

I wasn't quite sure if it was going to fit that well into the room and luckily, the first place I tried worked out well. 

Ian and I are enjoying the new placement as well. It's rather nice to be able to be able to look out of the window while I'm at my desk writing or doing whatever. And Ian hops up to visit me and gaze out at some pretty red cardinals I've seen inhabiting the trees. 

"What's in place of the desk?" you may ask... well.

I moved my little dining room table over and cleaned it out and it now houses some of my old desk items. 

At first I was thinking, "Oooh! An open space, time to go find an awesome bookshelf or console or chair!" But then... my wallet slapped me in the face as well as my good sense and I realized that we've got (at the time of this writing) 114 days until we are out of here...

So, I need to save money and not accumulate more stuff! Though, I'm absolutely positive that  we don't have over the 8,000 lbs that the Navy will move but I don't need anything else. 

Also, I'm bored to tears decorating this apartment. I'm ready for a new place with new challenges. 

Tomorrow: Around the Web!

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