Friday, August 17, 2012

Design Friday: Home Office Edition

One of these days I will have a beautiful home office... so today I daydreamed and made a little design board of what it could possibly look like based around an awesome Seattle poster I stumbled upon on Pinterest. There's a lot of stuff from Ikea (of course) because that's mainly what's in my price range and an item or two from West Elm and Z Gallerie that I could probably not afford. Oh well, it was fun! 

1.) Ikea, 2.) Random Google search for "globe," ha, 3.) Ikea, 4.) Pinterest: originally, 5.) West Elm, 6.) Ikea, 7.) Ikea, 8.) Z Gallerie, 9.) Ikea, 10.) Ikea, 11.) Target, 12.) Ikea

Have a great weekend! :D

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