Wednesday, August 29, 2012

My Someday Project To-Do List

I love scoping out Pinterest and dreaming about a new place to decorate with new DIY opportunities. So, here's some projects that I hope will inspire you too the way they've inspired me...

This is a Thanksgiving idea that I came across and I thought the idea was pretty awesome. Take a tablecloth and have your family and friends write what they're thankful for on Thanksgiving. Just keep adding to it every Thanksgiving. I thought it was a beautiful idea because you can take a trip down memory lane every Thanksgiving and reflect on what you're thankful for. 
I really want to make these collar tags for Ian and Zelda. I think they're pretty and I still have yet to get them name tags for the move anyway... Just requires a printer and some 'Shrinky Dink' plastic that shrinks in the oven. 

via Martha Stewart
I love maps and sentimental art so this project pinned from Kayla Danelle is right up my alley. I think it's such a cute idea and I can't wait to cut out Arizona, Virginia, and Washington to hang up on my future gallery wall!

I've been known to make a sock monkey or two and think this little bear is so adorable and looks pretty easy now that I've tackled a sock monkey. 

Via The Meta Picture
Oh and this bunny from Martha Stewart...

I really want to make a gorgeous yarn wreath for Halloween and Christmas... and the rest of the year. I think they're adorable. 

Pinned from Etsy

I'll tackle some of these someday... it's fun to always have another project on the horizon though. :) 

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