Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Around the Web: Cool Sites 2

Every once and a while I come across some neat sites worth sharing. Here's my latest site obsessions that you should check out!

1.) Design Seeds

This website displays a vast array of amazing color palettes that make my eyes extremely happy. They're great to just look at, they're great for design or art inspiration... I would absolutely love to be able to design a room around some of these beautiful palettes. You can pick random ones or choose a color to search for coordinating palettes. Here's some of my favorites (but they're all so gorgeous, it's hard to pick favorites): 

I stumbled upon this and had to bookmark it because it's such an ingenious idea! I haven't used it yet because I'm working my way through some library books (I'm actually reading this because it's about an orange tabby and because I teared up just reading the book cover. Verdict: it's pretty adorable and I'm about halfway through:)

This site allows you to put in an author or book you like and it recommends similar books! 

This site (found via is basically just a time-waster but it's fun seeing what interesting designs you can come up with. It creates a web around any line or shapes you make with the mouse. The drawings start off simple and become rather intricate. I thought it might be cool to print out one of these and frame them. Here's what I came up with: 

Have a fun Wednesday! 

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