Saturday, June 23, 2012

Out and About Browsing

I was out the other day and Target seems to be between home decor transitions and I've been to two different Targets in my area and there are some GREAT deals. I'm talking I-need-to-pry-myself-away-before-I-overspend deals. 

I saw cute pillows, vases, clocks, floral accents, and pictures for around $5.98 each. There was even a lamp base that had been $49 marked down to $14! Isn't that crazy? Most of that stuff had been upwards of $20! To my extreme surprise (and my husband's) I did not buy one thing. I know, hard to believe right?!

It begs the question though, when you find such awesome deals on home decor clearance... how does Target make money on that stuff? I mean, every time I browse and there's something that I like I know I can just wait a few weeks and it'll be marked down because no one in their right mind would pay that kind of money for what you're getting. 

But, I did see some awesome stuff that Target brought out for this season:

I actually really want this fish. I don't even know why but I love the flow-yness of the fins. And for $19.99, I might actually talk myself into pulling the trigger on this purchase (maybe I can hint Russ that I want this as an anniversary present?). 

I loved the texture of these frames. They're very masculine looking and interesting. 

I really love the industrial look of gears and now that I've spotted these, I'm actively waiting for them to end up in the clearance bin. I love these but would never spend $15 each on them (especially when not an hour before I saw marked-down gears at TJ Maxx for $10).

I also made a quick stop to TJ Maxx/Homegoods and found two noteworthy things. Not things that I want, mind you, but noteworthy as in... what the? 

This beaut caught my eye and I was immediately repulsed. This sea life wreath reminded me of something that a whale would cough up that somehow made it to the shoreline. Real attractive. 

And finally, this Abraham Lincoln statue. It appears innocent enough, right?

Upon further examination of this figure it shows that Lincoln's head has been hollowed out to collect pens on your desk. The insensitivity of such a thing couldn't escape me and forced me into a fit of giggles despite how awful this really was. I don't know whose idea it was to think that an assassinated president from a gunshot to the head would be the perfect candidate for a pen holder but, it's quite ridiculous.

Then Russ immediately wondered aloud, "Where's Kennedy?"

Yeah, we have a dark kind of humor. 

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