Thursday, June 21, 2012

Dear Younger Self,

Dear Younger Self,

Here's a few pointers:

These are a mistake. You don't need to be any taller anyways and might lead to a few twisted ankles.

Dawson's Creek is a funny show. Not a drama, it's hilarious and not an accurate depiction of teenage life. Repeat: not accurate! And, Dawson's romanticism is actually really annoying. Pacey is definitely better.

Middle school is not forever. It'll definitely suck and hurt but it's not forever. Be nicer to people because one day you'll be a new kid in school on the other side of the country and wish that someone would be nicer to you.

One day you won't have to ride the bus. Seriously. Oh, and see that kid sitting in front of you? Yeah, he'll be your husband one day... and a really awesome one at that.

Save more of your money.

Don't waste your entire high school experience pining for someone who... might not be interested in girls but hasn't admitted that to himself yet (ever thought of that?...). And don't get mad at your best friend for suggesting it, she's very perceptive and you should listen to her.

Keep pouring your heart out to your journal, it'll be great comic relief someday. 

Every time you ride in one of these, you're going to get hurt so don't even bother. (Or go ahead... your future husband will bring you a huge stuffed animal when you get a sprained ankle.) 

Take more pictures. You don't have nearly enough to look back on (especially with your best friend!). 

Don't take yourself too seriously and be nicer to people at your first job. Little Caesar's is not going to shut down if you're not there to bust your hump. It's just pizza. (And also, stay away from the jalapeƱos because you're going to drop a container and splash them in your eyes...)

Go on more road trips while you're still at home. There's so much you didn't get to see and your brother would've loved to have seen too. 

Your Future Self

I had fun writing this today! It's a cool way to reflect what you've experienced in life but I actually wouldn't change a thing. If anything were different, I wouldn't be where I am now. Russ might not be in the Navy and kicking so much butt and I would've gone to a school across the state... we wouldn't have gotten married probably and so on and so on. 

What would you tell your younger self if you could?

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