Monday, June 11, 2012

OpSail 2012

Yesterday we had the opportunity to go to downtown Norfolk and checkout the Harborfest '12/OpSail 2012 that's been happening this past week. 

Ships with sailors from around the world were there there. Among the countries I can recall were Indonesia, Ecuador, Mexico, and Canada.

There were marching bands, concerts, food, water and play areas for the kids.  But, we didn't do anything but take some pictures and hop from shady spot to shady spot. We don't have kids so that took out a lot of the possible activities and we didn't want to spend $8 for any food item made in a tent. 

I think this picture accurately shows my discomfort at what a hot and sunny day it was. The sun was in my eyes and made it impossible to look normal. We can't all have cool-guy sunglasses.

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