Friday, December 21, 2012

Zelda Update

Once the holidays are over, Zelda's more recovered, and we're a little more unpacked and less messy I hope to start some new awesome projects on the blog. Just bear with me... it's been a weird couple of weeks and it's not over yet.

However, Zelda's surgery is over and she's now working on recovering. We took her home last night after two nights at the animal hospital. I couldn't be more pleased with the doctors, staff, and her wonderful progress. She's a very rambunctious kitty, still full of kitten energy and happiness. The staff just gushed over her while she was there because she's so sweet and playful.

Last night when we picked her up they actually showed us video of her surgery and what they removed. It was weird but interesting to see the procedure. 

And if you're a little squeamish, don't look.... It's actually not too bad. 

But, here's her incision. She's going to have a lot of recovering to do...

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