Monday, December 17, 2012

Meet The New Rental

So our first Washington state home isn't an apartment (does that mean I need to rename my blog?... maybe?). 

We've taken to calling it the "retro house" (since it was built in the 60's) and it's smack dab in the middle of some newer and very beautiful homes. But, the rental management company were right to leave this little retro gem instead of tearing it down and rebuilding a new house on its foundation. My mom and brother are sharing this house with us after they recently relocated up to the Pacific Northwest too. 

Here's some pictures that were taken from the ad (when the home wasn't crazy-filled with boxes!):

The Sunroom/Dining Area (the kitties love it):

Our 8"x10" ground floor bedroom... poses some design and storage difficulties:

The Rec Room/ Game Room/ Future Office Area:

One upstairs bedroom:

Second upstairs bedroom: (there's a third upstairs bedroom that's not pictured)

The Carport (which is in need of painting- badly):

The Kitchen:

The Upstairs Living Room:

The Front During the Listing:

A couple of days ago....

Yep, she needs a little TLC...

And here's some beautiful shots of our neighborhood that I took during the one day, in the past ten days or so that we've been here, that it hasn't been raining. 

You can see the carport and backside of our rental in the next few shots. Isn't the sky and evergreens gorgeous?!

I have yet to finish unpacking, see Seattle, see anything really besides the mall area and Ikea... but, we're stationed here for at least a few years and I know that after we get settled we'll have time for that.

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  1. It looks beautiful! Which of the bases did you husband get assigned to? I just found out today that my husband got assigned to San Diego so we're not moving...for now : ]