Wednesday, December 12, 2012

PCS- Take Three

Monday: Lincoln, NE- Ogden, UT

Packing the car- easy. Getting the cats ready for the next leg- easy. Driving in the thickest fog imaginable- difficult and somewhat infuriating. I wanted to drive the speed limit to keep on our schedule but it was impossible with the pea soup-iest fog this side of London. It was ridiculous! 

Around 10 am, the sun finally burned it off. Instead of fog to slow us down, our lack of sleep was already starting to catch up with us. That, coupled with the fact that driving through Nebraska was boooooring. Boring, boring, boring. 

Wyoming, however, was quite pretty. 

Driving though the mountains of Utah in the dark = not my idea of a good time. I'm sure in the daytime they were quite beautiful. But, at night they looked menacing. 

We finally stopped in Ogden, Utah and the next morning I got to see the pretty view from our hotel. 

Best dinner of the trip was at that gas station next to our hotel. Not because the food was that great but because it felt like a vacation from the kids cats.

Tuesday: Ogden, UT- Everett, WA

Finally we were on the last leg of our trip! It was the best night sleep we got on the whole trip and we were emboldened by the good night's rest that this last day of the trip would be the best!

"Is that fog up on those hilly mountains?"
"Yeah, it looks like..."

And then... it snowed in Utah/Idaho. It was scary because I didn't know how high we were going up in the mountains or how long it had been snowing already... All we knew was that we didn't need the added hassle of driving in the snow. It was all terribly stressful. 

The rest of Idaho and into Oregon were happily uneventful save a little rain in the Oregon mountains, which was no big deal. 

Then, on the last leg of our trip through the mountains of Washington we encountered a huge rainstorm. It was dark, rainy, mountainous, and there was standing water. It was one of the scariest driving moments I've ever experienced. 

We also survived driving through the Seattle area rush hour (which... was pretty much nothing compared to Virginia and DC) and we made it late in the evening. 

Our first order of business wasn't to greet our family or unpack our car... it was to clean up my messy kitten who, within the last few miles of our destination, decided to poo in her carrier. Fun.

But we made it safely with most of our sanity intact!

More posts to come on the house, traveling with cats, and moving!

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