Tuesday, December 11, 2012

PCS- Take Two

There's still more PCS story to come... For easy reference, here's our crazy four day route. 

Saturday: Norfolk, VA- Kentucky

I didn't sleep well at all. I kept waking up and trying to listen for Zelda to make sure she wasn't getting lethargic or sicker. I probably got five hours of sleep when we both rose at 5 am to leave for the trip. Our biggest obstacle was fitting everything in our Jeep. We took a luggage cart and worked for fifteen minutes to fit everything in the car. We ended up leaving our recently purchased iron in the hotel room. It just wasn't worth the effort to fit it into the car. 

After gassing up, we were on the road by 7 am and on our way to Kentucky, our first stop which was nearly twelve hours away. 

We encountered fog in Virginia but other than that, the drive was pretty easy besides being completely beat. 

Some unexpected things: Virginia has a lot more mountains than I expected. Also, Charleston, WV is bigger than I thought and has a pretty sweet looking capital building with an awesome gold rotunda. 

Once we got to Kentucky, we dropped off the kitties at the hotel, got their food and litter box set up and went to my grandparent's house for a few hours. 

Seeing them was the highlight of the trip. 

Sunday: Kentucky- Lincoln, NE

My grandma offered to make us breakfast so we got up early and headed over to their house for a little while. It was a great way to start the next leg of our trip. My only wish is that we could have spent a day or two but with Russ' check-in timeframe and Zelda's questionable condition, we really couldn't. 

After getting absolutely NO gps signal on my phone, I had to call my grandma and ask for directions. Yeah, modern technology is wonderful until you can't get a signal. Luckily you can always ask for directions regardless of the number of cell phone towers available. 

About an hour or two into the thirteen hour day, we encountered severely pouring rain in Indiana and Illinois. It made our trip even more daunting. 

We hit St. Louis, which was fun, because I got to see the Arch for the first time. It was pretty awesome! 

Then... Kansas City and then we finally got to Lincoln, NE. The cats were weary, we were dog-tired, and our hotel was a mere stone's throw away from a Lincoln Penitentiary (seriously). 

We also discovered that Zelda has a love of getting up into unprotected hotel bed box springs which caused Russ and I to kinda go crazy with annoyance. 


  1. You were totally staying in my neighborhood in Lincoln. Talk about small world. FYI, No one has ever escaped from the jail in the 3 years Ive been living in this area of town. But it is kinda weird to be in the drive through at one of those resteraunts across the streets and watch the inmates in the yard. -Tina

  2. What are the chances I'd be staying near your neighborhood? That's funny. What an odd place for a jail though! Haha

    1. Apparently the jail has been there for a long time and the city just grew around it. Anyway, I love your blog, and I dont envy you having to drive across Nebraska, talk about epic boring- Tina

  3. Woooaahh! What a drive! I've always wanted to drive cross country though. Should have checked that off my list of things to do pre-baby cause now it sounds like a torturous nightmare.