Friday, February 7, 2014

Friday High 5

I want to bring this blog segment back from the dead! It's been so long but let's just jump right back into it!

1.) My last day of work is Saturday and I thought I'd be sad about it but I'm really excited to close this chapter and move on to our business.

2.) The Super Bowl craziness is FINALLY over. Living near Seattle has been nuts during this time. I think I made enough green and blue cupcakes to feed the entire military population. Ridiculous. And it's finally over. Yayyyy. :D

The victory parade was yesterday and I've never been so happy to NOT be in Seattle.


3.) I did a little shopping this week to makeover the other bathroom in our rental that I hope to share later this week! It turned out really well for very cheap.

4.) I drove the Bake My Day truck for the first time since the test drive. I was really nervous about driving it on the freeway and around town but I did great! I think I really got the hang of it. I definitely need to take it out more and get more driving time but I definitely feel more comfortable than I did before. 

5.) I found that cute bakery art at World Market, what a score! :D

Have a happy weekend!

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