Tuesday, February 4, 2014

(Bath)room For Improvement

Where we last left my little downstairs bathroom, it looked like this:

But, I started looking at my little frame arrangement and thought to myself, "Eh, I'm over it." So I wanted to switch it up especially when I found some cute frames at Burlington Coat Factory for $9 each. They're actually nearly exactly what I had originally envisioned for over the toilet anyway. 

I'm totally in love with how uncluttered this new arrangement looks. I enjoyed the eclectic look for a while but I'm loving this new streamlined pair. I thought about changing up the art but I'm still happy with the colors and how it looks. Maybe I'll change the top frame to something if I come across something especially inspiring. 

Since my bathroom has absolutely no storage, adding this little turquoise "bucket" from World Market for $9.99 gives me an extra place to put things. I also added the little succulent next to it from Michael's that was on sale for $4.50. 

I think I can call this room... done? Maybe? I don't know, I can never really say I'm done with a room anyway. ;)

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