Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Mixed Signals

Craigslist has been amazing to us. We've found our rental house, our dining room table, our truck and now... a smoking deal on a mixer!

I've been trolling around daily trying to find a good deal on a Kitchenaid mixer. Our commercial kitchen has some huge mixers that are available for us to use but they are monstrous. Maybe one day (maybe soon) I'll be making batches that big but I wanted another smaller size mixers for the sized batches I'd be making regularly.  

I have a 5 quart red Kitchenaid stand mixer (which goes for $299-349 and sometimes more) so I was mostly looking for a good deal on one exactly like mine. I was feeling disappointed because the past two or three sellers I'd contacted with good deals ($120-150 range) had already sold it by the time I contacted them. 

But then, I saw someone had listed a 6 quart mixer for $100 and I immediately pounced. This mixer is normally $449 on the Kitchenaid website and listed for about $285 from other sellers on Craigslist. 

I asked him about the attachments and if it worked alright. He said it had barely been used and has been sitting in his storage. It took me about 35 minutes to drive to Ballard to his apartment building but the traffic was worth it. Strangely... he lives across the street from the lot that our bakery truck was parked where we first saw her. What a weird coincidence!

Anyways... here's Big Red and Little Red. I love that they're matching! It was unintentional... 

She came with all her attachments: paddle, whisk, and dough hook plus a plastic batter shield to keep things from flying out. 

Love it, what a steal! Poor guy, he didn't know what this baby is worth.

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