Thursday, December 5, 2013

Low Key Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving! 

Oh, wait. That was last week, huh? 

We had to celebrate our holiday a little early to accommodate everyone's crazy schedules. 

I bought a white tablecloth from Target to begin a new tradition of writing what we're thankful for on the tablecloth with fabric marker so we can reuse the cloth every year and add to it. I think it'll be a fun thing to look back on in a few years. 

I got that faux flower arrangement at Target on clearance for about $9. It looked very "autumn-y" to me so I thought it would be cute on our Thanksgiving table. The cups are also from Target and just happen to go perfectly. 

We had a hodge podge dinner full of anything we felt like eating. It was fun but made for some interesting combinations like... chili queso dip with a side of yam casserole, haha. 

Our lovely feast attracted the attention of the cats and Gizmo tried to sneak up on the table to sample a few tasty items. 

We followed our meal with a card game and a piece of pie or cheesecake. Very low key and relaxing... which is exactly what we all needed after this crazy month. 

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