Monday, December 16, 2013

It's That Time Of Year...

Happy Monday! I'm more than past due to share our Christmas decorations. I've been waiting for 1) a day off (because it gets dark at 4:30) and 2) a decently bright day to photograph. 

We've been done decorating for a while now and I think it turned out really cute and cozy!

This is our $20 Big Lots tree that we've been using for the last four years. The star on top we got from Walmart this year for $10.99 and Mom was the only one who could get the thing to keep from flopping over like a wet noodle. 

This little mini tree was $5.99 and I used some ribbon I got from Dollar Tree and some already owned ornaments. 

I loved this idea from Pinterest for the window. I really wanted to use those large balls from Dollar Tree but when I went out to get them they were out at both locations I went to. These are from Walmart for about $10 and the ribbon was about $4. I was also considering hanging large snowflakes if I couldn't find the balls that I wanted and I think that would have been cute too. 


I thought that our little clock could use some Christmas spirit as well so I switched a few things out. 

(Pardon the blurry pictures, my camera would not cooperate for the close up shots today for some reason!) I got the angel and Nutcracker at Dollar Tree and the cute silver reindeer at Walgreen's for $4.99(! That would have been double anywhere else!). I simply added some small bows that I bought from Dollar Tree on the reindeer and my little Kleenex box faux present. 

I saw the original stocking hanging idea on Pinterest and thought it was brilliant: two stocking hangers and a cheap curtain rod. I spent a total of $12.96 on this little arrangement. We also bought the green and red stockings at Dollar Tree as well.

Those brass candlesticks on the mantel I bought this last Fall at Target on clearance for about $3.96 each and added the bows to jazz them up a little bit. Those trees on the left I also got on clearance at Target back during the 2011 season. 

The Christmas cheer spread to our little kitchen window as well. The sign I bought at Big Lots in 2010 for about $9 and it has held up pretty well. 

Then there's Mom's Charlie Brown Christmas tree (from Walgreen's) and the little mini European tree I bought at Fred Meyer because it was unbelievably adorable. It's real and you can plant it in a pot or the ground and it'll grow to 8-14 feet! Though now, it's just a baby and I hung some cheap Michael's mini ornaments on it so it wouldn't feel so naked. 

The gingerbread man was a gift from my grandma and he looks perfectly dashing now with his new little red bow.

And those painted ornaments I did back in 2011...

They still look great! There's one where they paint has cracked a little but it is pretty unnoticeable and I think it adds to the charm. 

Only 9 days until Christmas! 

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