Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A Little Bathroom Update

It's no secret that I get sick of things in my house after a while and I like to switch things up for a fresh new look. 

I was a little bored with my key picture in my bathroom.  I still love the picture but I was ready for something new to look at. (I didn't throw it out of course, just stuck it behind the new art in case I change my mind later...) 

I often find myself in the scrapbook paper aisle at Michael's and found this 12"x12" printed clock canvas piece. It was more expensive than scrapbook since it was actually fabric but for $1.99 I had to have it. I can use it as art or to cover something small later (like on a mod podge box...). 

So... I made it mine. 

Cute, huh? 

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