Monday, August 10, 2015


Nine months away from my blog and so much has changed and will continue to keep changing as the rest of this year progresses.

Yesterday was Bake My Day's 1 year anniversary and today I declared to the world that we are pulling the plug on Bake My Day Seattle. Over the past few months there's been so many developments in our lives and our business and a lot of things have become more clear to us as time went by.

Russ' time here in the Pacific Northwest is nearly over and Washington orders are so hard to come by (he's been looking since the beginning of the year!) because the Navy presence up here is so tiny that we have faced the reality that we will be leaving the PNW. Rather than fight the tide and find a way to to stay here and perhaps be separated even longer, we have decided to close up shop, at least in Seattle.

I'm keeping Bake My Day and hope to revive it wherever I end up and Mom will do the same wherever she ends up as well. It's all up in the air, I know! But, the bottomline is that Bake My Day Seattle is ending. Leading up to our ultimate decision, everything was glaringly obvious that Bertha Mae was running its course. I tried to hold on because we have both worked so damn hard to bring this dream into reality and I didn't want to quit.

For the last six weeks we have been grieving over this decision. I lay awake at night feeling the full weight of my disappointment over the way things have turned out. Deep down, I know this is the right choice but it doesn't dull the pain.

Sometimes I feel angry and wish that I'd never undertaken this endeavor because being a Navy wife, you can never bank on staying anywhere. I'm trying to see things in a more positive light these days. If we had never started this journey, we would have never gotten to experience parking under the Space Needle, vending from Pike Place, or catering someone's wedding. We catered for some famous companies and despite the pressure, had a blast. We got to watch people's faces light up when they ordered a cookie dough or Nutella brownie. 

Days are getting easier as the decision settles into my mind and becomes our new reality. The massive 'to do' list keeps me occupied so I don't have to think about how horrible it'll be watching someone else drive Bertha Mae away. 

But, Bake My Day will live again... somewhere! And until then we just have to deal with the changes.

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