Monday, November 24, 2014

The One That Got Away

Before Russ came home I was looking for some cheap storage solutions for our downstairs. We have the smallest closet in the world and I was looking for a dresser that could fit next to his wardrobe that we both could use. After trolling Craigslist and bidding unsuccessfully on some newer-looking Ikea dressers, THIS popped up and I immediately pounced!

$50... yes, $50! This dresser sells for $179 at Ikea and 1) it was closer than Ikea and 2) I wouldn't have to put it together! After a brief correspondence, I grabbed my brother to help me get my AMAZING Craigslist score. 

I measured the Jeep to make sure it would fit, close but after some finagling I figured we could easily get it home. 

"Get outta my way, everyone, I have a dresser to claim!" I squealed as I drove down the I-5 to claim my prize. 

We finally made it around the maze of homes in Queen Anne and got to the seller's address. The house was lovely, I would have moved in in a second. I'm sure it had been a lovely home for my Ikea dresser to have lived in and I knew it would be in good shape. I backed my Jeep to the garage, we picked up the dresser to shove her in and... No. 

It was close but... it wasn't going to fit. 

After about five minutes of discussing the best way to try and wedge it in my Jeep, I gave up. They handed over my $50 and, with my head down, I retreated to my vehicle and drove away. I wanted to paw at the window and wave my final goodbyes but... I had to drive. 

What a sad day. 

I've still been looking on Craigslist but I'm afraid of being hurt again. I'm afraid of getting my hopes up of a pre-fabricated Ikea dresser only to have them bitterly squelched when the dresser refuses to fit in my cargo area. 

Maybe one day, my heart will heal and I will find the cheap dresser of my dreams or I'll bite the bullet and just get one from Ikea... and then curse like a sailor while I put it together. 

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