Monday, October 13, 2014

Laundry Serviced

As time is winding down on this deployment I now have a to-do list a mile long. Since Russ has been gone I have completely annihilated our closet, the smallest closet in the known universe, and it's time to get organized. I have also moved things, changed things, rearranged things but not managed to clean very many things. 

I've heard that when your spouse comes back from deployment you want to make sure the house looks perfect and they tell you not to worry about that. But, since when have I ever listened to anyone? I want everything looks as perfect as I can. Plus, this lights the fire under me on things that I've been slacking on since Russ left and since we got going with the business. 

For the rest of deployment I'm going to give myself some simple organizational tasks. My first small undertaking was my little laundry shelf. Since I store all my cleaning supplies there I thought, "what better way to get started with cleaning than to clean up the cleaning supplies?"

It was such an eyesore and every time I reached for an item everything fell down. So annoying. 

This is how it looked, I did not change a single thing. 

I thought a basket or two would be sufficient so I decided to hop on down to the place where I know they have the cheapest baskets, Ross. 

I liked the first ones the best, I think they were $5.99 and I thought they were cute. They had leather handles and an interesting design. I wasn't too jazzed about keeping cleaners in a nice fabric basket though. 

I liked the design on these but they were too big, not the right color, and made of flimsy plastic. Pass. 

I almost, almost got these. They had a laundry-ish, utilitarian feel to them and they would contain all my cleaners easily. I was just worried about the size of them, I thought they'd be too big on the narrow shelf. 

I decided to pause on the purchase since I wasn't sure and went down to Homegoods where I found the perfect cleaner caddy for $9.99. After messing with the shelf I decided to take down the additional wire shelf addition. 

There! Much better and such a dramatic makeover! I know Russ is totally going to care about how the laundry room looks so it's good I crossed this off my mental list. 

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