Friday, October 10, 2014

Belated Blogiversary!

So, my three year blogiversary was the 6th of this month but I've been quiet since the 13th of September! The business takes up a large portion of my time, of course. 


-planning the menu for the week
-shopping for the week
-truck cleaning (inside and out)
-any truck maintenance 
-corresponding with potential customers via email and social media
-planning social media posts
-the actual baking for our outings
-trying to find new spots and scoping out potential business opportunities
-going out in the truck 

And then there's just living life, doing laundry, paying bills, trying to watch a show here and there and just remembering to give myself a breather every once in a while. My mind is constantly going, looking for new opportunities and coming up with more strategies for our success. We've done well pretty far but I want to keep reaching new goals and pushing our business further. 

With all that, there's not much time to do the things I used to do around here like posting goofy little projects, paintings, recipes, or pictures of my silly cats. I really miss that, it was fun! My life has changed so much since moving to Washington.

I'm going to try and swing by here more often when I actually get around to doing anything of note but I understand it no one sticks around here much anymore! ...(hello?)

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