Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Absolute Resolute

I like the idea of making resolutions but they never really stick around after the first month of the new year for anyone. As pointless as it seems, I still try to make resolutions because I like the idea of a clean slate and I think that it's important to always want to improve yourself. So here's mine:

And I feel like I have to explain #5 a bit because in our selfie-obsessed world we live in, it seems kinda goofy to resolve to take more narcissistic images of oneself. But, I noticed something while I was scanning my Instagram photos from the last year. There is but TWO photos of myself out of 170 posts. Two. I despise my own image on camera so much that I'm missing out on taking memorable photos. Photos of having fun, photos with family. I'm omitting myself from happy memories. It probably doesn't help that I'm feeling the weight gain from the last year of not really paying attention to what I'm putting into my body.

But, just because I don't capture my image on camera doesn't mean that my body doesn't exist. I live in this body and my photos should reflect my life's journey even if my body doesn't always look the way I want it to. Well, I'm going to try anyway.

Happy New Year! 

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